The experienced staff at Pro Image Solutions can provide you a wide variety of solutions and services to meet the recruiting needs of your #1 asset.

We at Pro Image Solutions, pride ourselves at building relationships with each contact. We are in the business of connecting companies with employees, this requires us to fully understand your business, so we can provide an individualized solution to your needs, and the care and attention your business deserves.

We pride ourselves at building relationships and working as a consultant with each contact.

Staffing Solutions
Services Provided


Staffing Solutions

Payroll Staffing Reduces Candidate Loss
In today's competitive Job Market, time is of the utmost importance when it comes to hiring a qualified candidate. If you have a qualified candidate that you would like to try out or hold onto while you do pre-employment screening and cumbersome paperwork, let Pro Image be your Solution. We immediately put the individual onto our payroll for a short 160 hour probation period before you make the commitment.

Full Time to-Hire Reduced Risk Of Bad Hires
By utilizing our full-time placement service, you expose your firm to candidates who are not interested in temp work and are only considering consistent regular employment opportunities. After evaluating the performance and potential of an Pro Image Solutions employee, you may wish to employ this person directly. You'll have the option, but not the obligation to do so after a period of five hundred and twenty (520) hours minimum at no additional cost.

Long Term Staffing

Excellent Promotional Pool

Designed for assignments of at least 6 months in duration or longer. Pro Image Solutions coordinates the recruiting, screening, and assignment of qualified employees along with payroll checks delivered or direct deposited weekly to our employees. Employees assigned to these assignments may be eligible for benefits which may include medical & life insurance, vacation pay, paid holidays, credit union privileges and bonuses. Billing fees are based on duration and amount of services required.

Flexible & Supplemental Staffing

Special Projects, Peak Load, Vacations

We offer this solution for those clients that experience planned season fluctuations, project-mandated ramp-ups or peak loads within their operations during the year. By using a supplemental staff from Pro Image Solutions you have the flexibility to expand or reduce your workforce with no long term employment commitments for your company. You also have the ability to retain any of these employees and move them to one of our other selected services if you wish.

Direct Hire

Pre-Screened Applicants, Reduced Cost Of Hire

When you need immediate, full-time employees, Pro Image Solutions will recruit skilled candidates with work experience which closely matches your job opportunity, evaluate and reference check them and refer the most qualified people to you. You choose the best candidate and put them directly to your payroll. This approach also gives you the opportunity to eliminate the issue of your company's policies regarding benefits or driver's insurability.

Customized Managed Staffing

Client Specific Managed Staffing Programs

For select clients our employees, before starting their new assignment, have one last step to go through. We provide our associates with customized training. Depending on the company and position, training could include video of the clients facility, assembly training, client specific orientations, or pre-employment facility tours. Candidates are also taught software and typing skills. The training ends with the associate being initiated into their new position through our "first day follow" program.

Services Provided

  • Advertising
  • Federal & State Unemployment Insurance
  • Fidelity Bond Coverage
  • Interviewing
  • Matching Federal & State Employer Taxes
  • Payroll Processing
  • Professional Staffing Coordination
  • Recruiting
  • Screening
  • Workman's Compensation Insurance Coverage

Additional Services Available

  • Drug Screening
  • Florida Criminal Background Checks
  • Motor Vehicle Reports
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Web-based Time Sheet System
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